About Us

From left to right:
Bari – Laura
Lead – Brenda
Bass – Judy
Tenor – Jean

Brenda is the Lead section leader of the chorus and sings alto at her church.
Judy is the Bass section leader of the chorus and is an avid golfer.
Jean sings Tenor for the chorus and formerly performed with cover bands.
Laura is the Tenor section leader for the chorus, cantors and teaches piano.

Our Story

All of us are members of the Clustered Spires Chorus, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, which is an organization of women barbershop singers. In the fall of 2011, there was some interest in forming a quartet to practice chorus music, especially for Christmas. All we had to do was find one person from every section! We practiced regularly, and once we were all comfortable with the chorus repertoire, we decided to keep rehearsing. We even picked up another song, It Had to Be You, just to learn for the quartet.

By the following spring, the chorus had heard that we were singing as a quartet, and invited us to sing at Friends and Family Night. We had to come up with a name, and we went through several ideas until Duly Noted came up, and that one fit so well that we instantly agreed on it!

We have performed at Frederick Keys baseball games, caroled in downtown Everedy Square, and sung at local parties and fairs. Our repertoire includes Sweet Adelines standards, plus popular hits such as Kokomo and For the Longest Time.